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Is Anyone Paying Attention to Coca-Cola?


Coca-Cola, an American staple. When thinking of the refreshing cola beverage we think of barbecues, parties, a get together, etc. – but one thing never changes, consistency. Whether it’s the snap of a can tab, a quick twist of a bottle, or the sound of your ice-cold Coke being dispensed from a machine, the first anticipated sip never disappoints with the full-embodied flavor that consumers have grown to love & trust.

McDonald’s has recently come up with a compelling claim in its newest marketing concept to grab the attention of millennials: “The place where Coke tastes SO good” is the latest slogan that can be heard by spokesperson, Mindy Kaling. The commercial is meant to mimic how teens and twenty-somethings use their phones while watching TV, while also acknowledging “how they’re discovering information” they trust, the Times said. Interestingly enough, Kaling pokes fun in the commercial as well as on Twitter that she is not allowed to say the brand’s name, which some marketing experts would say is crazy, but we find it utterly groundbreaking & innovative.

It seems as though Coca-Cola couldn’t have hoped for a better time for McDonald’s to launch its newest ad campaign considering all that’s been happening regarding the Pepsi crisis, the soft drink’s biggest competitor. Coke has been taking big strides in 2017 thus far, this week the brand released that it will include 800 new options for its “Share a coke” campaign that originated back in 2011. Inclusive of these 800 new options, Coke has included common last names to the mix in order to reach more people and will be printing popular travel destinations on bottles dispensed in the UK.

To top it all off, earlier this month Coca-Cola announced its new multi-year partnership as the Official Soft Drink of MLB – a home run for Coke but not the best start to Q2 for Pepsi. With all that’s on the horizon for Coke this year, we anticipate not only a jump in sales, but perhaps a friendly (and sometimes comical) advertising battle between the two soda companies. Four days ago the beverage’s competitor released its “PepsiCan” campaign, which aims to support current pressing causes in the US. Keep your eyes peeled for some tabloid-grabbing headlines regarding America’s beloved soft drinks, things are destined to heat up during the summer months.