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Camera Eats First


You and a friend have been waiting for your dinner to arrive for over 45 minutes. Just when you think you can’t wait any longer, your waitress approaches your table with your three-cheese pizza. As you prepare to dig in, your friend shoves her hand over the pizza and explains she must get a high quality shot of the food for her Instagram (like this).


Millennial or not, we have all experienced a variation of this story before. Despite the annoyance that comes along with photographing aesthetically pleasing foods, this behavior is effective for both the consumer and businesses owners. Restaurants and eateries have adopted this trend as an interactive way to engage with customers near and far. Posting these photos to Instagram has made the social media platform act as a free advertising outlet. As a result, eateries are adapting to this trend by creating photogenic dishes and even rearranging its dining space to be more pleasing for the lens of the camera (via Independent).


Flipping through paper menus and skimming through local newspapers for restaurant ideas have completely been thrown out the window. The millennial generation has created a new way to browse for food with good ol’ social media – essentially putting every menu item you could possibly think of into one little application; neatly organized by popular hashtags such as “#eeeeeats #foodie #foodporn”, etc. .


Just when you thought Instagram couldn’t get any savier for fatties-at-heart, it added a “Location Stories” feature. So, in addition to searching a restaurant’s IG handle, location or hashtags, you can now filter through the location where the hashtag originated. Through filtering via “location stories” you can see the various photos of food/drink items being posted in the entire proximity of the searched location. So, yes, this allows for you to filter through photos/videos to find the cheesiest, greatest looking burger your eyes have ever laid on for your IG.  


The food industry has changed drastically over the past 10 years because of this societal “norm” of instagramming the best looking foods. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon. So the next time your friend stands on a chair to get the best angle for her pasta dish, keep in mind that not only is she helping her own IG feed, she is also positively impacting the food industry as a whole.


(Featured image via Bri+Co)