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Five Ways To Get The 411


Don’t have time to watch the news in the morning? Or to stop and buy the paper? Well lucky for you we have the solution. Whether you like receiving news via an app or a newsletter via email, here are five ways to get the 411 ASAP:


1. Refinery29

The modern website Refinery29 has made access to news much easier with their newly updated app. Refinery29 This AM: Top 8 News Headlines & Updates is available to download from the App store – making it easier than ever to know what’s going on. The app opens to the home screen allowing users to scroll through the screens picking whether to read or pass on a headline. Choose an article of your interest by simply clicking on the screen and it will take you to straight to the article. Once done scrolling through the eight headlines the word ‘Done’ will pop up, and the morning recap is complete. Notifications can be setup in the app by frequency and/or time so you can get “your news” first thing in the am, waiting for you when you’re ready to start your day.


2. theSkimm

The Skimm is a daily newsletter that’s sent to your email every morning – and the best part it’s free! The app is just as it sounds, giving users a skimmed version of the top trending stories, meaning you get the news short, sweet, and to the point. The Skimm recently released Skimm Ahead, an app available for purchase in the App Store for $2.99 a month. TheSkimm app allows you to never miss an important moment. Want to know when the President is talking? Say no more, this app will link with your calendar to remind you when to tune in. What to know when House of Cards is coming back to Netflix? Well, no sweat they still got you covered.


3. Flipboard

Do you like reading about celebrity gossip, business, or the latest trends in home design? Well Flipboard is perfect for you! This free app allows users to customize just what news appears in their Flipboard feed. Flip through Vogue, Business Insider, and National Geographic to save your favorite articles. All your articles are collected into your very own magazine that you can share with friends!


4. AP Mobile

AP Mobile is an app with no added features giving users straight news such as “world news”, nothing fluffy. If you’re looking for an app that is all news and no added features, then AP Mobile is for you. Associated Press Mobile gives you the news from your local area or from regions all over the world, as well as providing interest tabs, that only showcases news that appeals to you. The best part is there is no signup required! Don’t want to be bothered with every news headline? Slide the app into ‘quiet time’ and save the breaking news for when you have a break in your day.


5.  News app 

If all else fails and you are at your wits end, the free News app that comes on the iPhone is great! Customize what you want to see,  similiar to Flipboard users receive breaking news updates. Already have a subscription to People? You can access it right in the palm of your hand along with a collection of other various news outlets. Channel your inner Anderson Cooper and become a journalist by curating your own personalized content.


Happy Reading!



(featured image via Digital Trends)