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Groceries Go Digital


There’s a “latest and greatest” way to do just about any task nowadays. From the methods used to make phone calls, to driving electric cars – there is always a new way to do something. As simple as grocery shopping may seem, the social norm for food shopping is transforming right before our eyes. Why? Like most things, technology has something to do with it.

It’s no secret that grocery shopping is extremely time consuming. Consumers are tired (or lazy, it’s all objective 🙂 ) of strolling through aisles searching for minutes at a time for their needed food items. Digital grocery shopping has become the newest way to save time on shopping for food. While companies such as Fresh Direct (an online grocer) have been serving NYC for a few years, the trend of online food shopping is quickly becoming popular in more rural areas. Rural areas are hopping on the bandwagon because the idea of purchasing your grocery list at your fingertips makes life a whole lot easier. This trend is combining the technological skills we as a society have developed over the years with our knowledge of food – It’s quick, simple and innovative.

With this on-going demand to put everything online, grocery stores all across the board have created tech savvy options purely for their customers convenience. Take “ShopRite from Home” for example — you go online (or the app), pick what you want from the comfort of your own home and have your groceries delivered (or picked up) within hours of your purchase. As such an incredible convenience, there is no wonder why the demand for technology-based food shopping continues to increase.

Super markets are not the only ones picking up on this trend. Take Amazon for example — besides just recently buying out Whole Foods for $13.4 billion, the company also has plans to create a completely digital supermarket itself: Amazon Go (read more about it here). The idea is to create a grab-and-go store, with mobile phones as the ultimate customer. With absolutely no human employees inside the stores, Amazon is making the perfection transition from traditional to modernized food buying (via CNBC).

The brilliance to all of this is that physical super markets aren’t hindering as a result. For those who still aren’t the biggest fans of technology, ShopRite and Kings will still be available for you to do your on-foot shopping. Adding a technological aspect to it just increases the average number of shoppers — which is great.

All in all, online grocery shopping still has a long way to go, but it has shown to be doing a great job. If there’s one thing you can take from all of this, it’s this: Convenience is everything!


(Featured image via PratidinTime)