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Guide to Making a Creative Ad


When we hear the word “advertising” the first thing we all think of is Super Bowl Commercials, right? It’s the one time we actually voluntarily wait for an ad to come on and watch it the whole way through. Well, why is that? It’s because we look forward to the presentation of the ad more than the actual content itself – this is an example of the influence that creativity has on us as consumers. Without creativity, an ad would just be another boring way to present information. Innovation ultimately makes the consumer pay attention, and if an advertisement is made well, it could eventually lead to the consumer buying the product or service.

Saying an ad has to be creative is easier said than done. It takes a great amount of time and planning to make an ad that is attention grabbing. Advertising is used in many ways, one being to remind the consumer that a product/service exists. Once the public becomes aware of the product or service being offered, the goal of the advertisement is to then influence their buyer behavior. If there’s nothing to the ad that makes it stand out, it will not resonate with the consumer.

What does a creative ad entail exactly? Ultimately, that is up to you as the conceptualist. However, here are some generic tips to keep in mind for your next advertising brainstorm:


  1. Go after your target audience

As a business, the first thing to be asked is “who are we trying to reach?”. The ad must build around this answer. Distinguish the target audience right away and create an ad concept that resonates with your target audience. Stray away from creating ads that are bland, as it can result in the consumer a) ignoring the ad and b) losing interest in the business. Create specifically for the consumer since they will appreciate the ability to relate to the content of the ad. There is a high chance of failure if the ad doesn’t provide relevant content to the consumer. After all, your target audience is the ultimate buyer of your product/service — so it is crucial they are made the focus.


  1. Sell your brand, not your product

When brainstorming creative advertising, don’t necessarily make the purchase the end result. Instead sell the consumer the benefits that the business has to offer. Using Honda’s car commercials for example; the consumer isn’t only buying a Honda because of its airbags and safe breaks, they are buying a Honda because of the brand’s promise of a safe experience, durability, and customer satisfaction. Identity, responsibility and benefits; these three components are key in an effective advertisement. Identify who the business is, what the business does and the good that comes out of it. This is the make or break of an advertisement. The consumer must be confident in the brand before they are confident in the product/service being advertised (via targetpublic).


  1. Reference Trends in Pop Culture

With technology becoming so advanced, the average consumer is likely spending a majority of their time on social media, staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Whether that be something being blown up on the news or new music being released from the biggest star in pop — this is content the consumer is talking about. Using famous figures or just referencing to famous figures can boost a businesses’ online traffic immensely. Take Apple Music’s Drake ad, for example: just by having Drake lip sync a Taylor Swift song, sales on Apple Music skyrocketed (via Fortune). The ad didn’t have to blatantly display “stream music on Apple Music” — it is just assumed with the use of a figure as famous as Drake. An ad like that can make all the difference for a business.  


  1. Get Your Audience Involved

Another creative way to intrigue the audience is by getting them involved. Rather than blatantly stating the point of the product/service in the ad, incorporate an idea hat leaves the consumer wanting to find out more. This “call to action” behavior is used to make the audience act immediately with imperative verbs such as “call now” or “visit our site”. With digital advertising becoming so relevant, a good way to use CTA online would be content that engages the audience. Having consumers participate in surveys or post/tag the business in photos are effective ways in including the audience (via Crazyegg).


These tips are just a few of the many pieces of the puzzle for creative advertising. Let your creativity take over and strive for the Super Bowl greatness.


(Featured image via 48westagency)