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Instagram Scheduling Platforms: Buffer Vs. Hootsuite Vs. Later

With Facebook announcing changes to its news feed algorithm a few weeks back, Instagram will continue to gain dominance as the social media platform of choice for marketers. While the sister company is also in the midst of modifying its platform with its expansion on capabilities of Instagram Stories or “shoppable” Instagram posts, one thing has not changed – the ability to automatically post (aka “auto-posting”). Trying to stay true to its roots of being instant, Instagram will still not allow any third party app to automatically post on one’s behalf. (Any app that says it can automatically post on IG is violating the social platform’s terms of service – be cautious!)


Although platforms still won’t be able to auto-post on behalf of the marketer or agency, there are tons of third party mobile apps that will allow Instagram posts to be scheduled for a desired date/time, which then alerts schedulers (at the denoted time) by sending a push-notification to a mobile device via its corresponding app.


So which third party app/platform should you use to schedule your Instagram posts? If you are a small business owner like myself, then saving time and money is always a top priority. After doing a bit of personal research for Glass House, I decided to share my knowledge on three of the most popular Instagram scheduling platforms:



  • 7.65M total monthly visits last month
  • Free individual plan (then plans start at $10/month)


  • No limit on file size via the free version however you can only schedule up to ten posts at a time (or have ten posts in your queue)
  • You can schedule a video post on the free individual plan as well as schedule reposts through the mobile app (it will also tell you the best time to post!)
  • Offers basic analytics on posts and sends out weekly automated “Social Media Report Cards”


  • Doesn’t show the popularity or the amount of posts that correspond with the hashtag you attached to your post
  • Doesn’t show how many hashtags have been utilized in a post (30 is the limit and if you post more than that your comment won’t show up)
  • A social media calendar/ schedule is not available



  • 19.27M total monthly visits last month
  • Plans start at $19/ month


  • Entry plan allows users to manage up to 50 social media profiles (a lot more compared to Buffer and Later paid plans)
  • Real time analytics and custom reports can be generated from the platform
  • Monitor keywords, hashtags, and locations to see what people are saying about your brand/competitors


  • No free plans available
  • Doesn’t count the amount of hashtags utilized in a post (remember, 30 is your sweet spot)
  • Invasive interface – not as easy to navigate in comparison to Buffer and Later



  • 2.60M total monthly visits last month
  • Free individual plan (then plans start at $9/month)


  • Has a free plan and it allows up to 30 scheduled IG posts monthly
  • Social media schedule/calendar is available on the free plan
  • Offers basic analytics on posts


  • The free plan does not allow videos or files over 5MB to be uploaded to photo library
  • Plans are more expensive and offer a lot less capabilities/perks in comparison to Buffer and Later
  • Will not tell you the best time to post until you fork out $19/month for the “Premium” plan


At the end of the day, the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Depending on the needs and size of your agency, one scheduling platform might fit better than the other. It’s always important to do your own research and make sure you’re not only getting the best bang for your buck, but the best platform for the needs of your business. Do you use any of the platforms listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments below ⬇️⬇️


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  • Bill Terry

    January 25th, 2018

    I personally use Gramblr. There is no limit to the size of the files as far as I’ve seen, as most of the JPEG files I upload are originally very large RAW images. You can also schedule posts however far out you want. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer you analytics, but it is completely free.

    • Lila S. - Author

      January 26th, 2018

      Thanks for sharing with us, Bill. That definitely seems to be a huge plus side of using Gramblr!

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