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How To Nail Branding Strategy


Apple, Google, Nike, and Amazon all are different companies but there is one similarity they all share (besides being industry leaders) – a successful branding strategy! With this list leading by example, it is clear that branding is a key factor in establishing and maintaining a successful brand image. The difference between a business that brands and a business that brands well is the way it presents itself to the public. Are you trying to do the bare minimum or are you trying to go above and beyond to establish a long-lasting customer base? Distinguishing this can truly allow a business to stand out and flourish amongst the competition. Check out these four tips on how to strengthen your business’s brand image:

  1. Define Your Brand

No, this doesn’t necessarily mean just explain what your product/service is; defining a brand means telling a story. Personability is key. Connect to your audience and allow for them to connect to your business in the same way they connect with a person. Posting interesting articles on social media or a company blog is one way to show your audience what your business is all about without directly saying so. Stay away from sharing or writing about topics that are opinionated – this could work against a business if its audience has a disconnect with what is being said. (Neutrality is also key) This may seem like a small detail, but it goes a long way in protecting your brand image. Creating a loyal customer base can be the foundation of a business’s success (via MarketingDonut).

  1. Create, Don’t Imitate

Create your own identity when branding – don’t mimic. An authentic idea is what consumers want and they want to know that you did your research on them (your target audience). Focus on what sets your company apart from the competition, something that fills a need that isn’t currently being done.Take great time in creating your idea and constantly roll with the punches as times change. (Think of how much Amazon has modified its platform since initially starting as an online bookstore.) There is always room for a business to grow and improve – by acknowledging this, business’s show they are able to keep up with the current need of their consumer/audience.

  1. Be Consistent.

Consistency, consistency, consistency – we can’t say it enough!. Your brand image should be telling a cohesive story across all media outlets (via HubSpot). This includes: websites, social media platforms, packaging, promotional items, etc . Every detail counts for a successful brand strategy. If a brand is always presenting itself in the same manner, it allows the consumer to be confident in the brand while knowing always what to expect. (When we see the red Coca-Cola brand, we can imagine the crisp, refreshing taste before we take a sip!) Consistency will not only keep consumers satisfied, but it will also make your brand image memorable and recognizable (think McDonald’s infamous golden arches).

  1. Stay Current

Whether we like it or not, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is crucial for a brand to flourish. Right off the bat businesses should create accounts on all major social media platforms for its company (Not every single platform will be a fit for your business, so it’s important to research what your competitors are using and to be on the same ones). While having a strong social media presence will help a business stay current on trending topics, beware of using them incorrectly. Too often businesses create social media accounts and misuse them by not knowing its audience or abandon them after a short period of time. (Think of point #3, stay consistent!) Social media is the number one way to distribute information, period. If a business is incapable of using it, it will be extremely difficult to build its brand since social media has become a necessary tool for brand image in recent years.


Sometimes short and sweet is all you need. Keeping these tips in mind will help the success of your brand immensely. With persistence and patience, your brand could be on its way to upholding a strong brand image!


(Featured image via BlueText)