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Top 5 Cost Efficient Travel Spots For Summer 2017


Our warm weather jitters have finally eased down from a long winter and it is now officially the best time of year – summer! Looking to escape reality, we are eager to tap into the funds we have been saving throughout the year and put it to good use! It is no secret that taking a luxurious vacation can get pricey – but what if I told you there was a way to get both affordability and luxury during your next getaway? Stop dreaming and keep reading! We’ve gathered our top 5 travel spots for summer that won’t break the bank:



  1. Mazatlan, Mexico

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, then Mexico will be your key travel spot for the summer season. The US dollar is a bit more valuable in Mexico, making the necessities for vacationing extremely cost effective. Think for every taco in America, you can get about 7-8 tacos in Mexico (WOW!) and for hotels, the starting cost is as low as $60 a night for two people. If 7-8 tacos are too much to handle, your money can also go towards other activities, such as shopping! Mazatlan is home to many flea and street markets. With such a diverse scene of stores, you will literally shop ‘til you drop. Click here for more information.



  1. Crete, Greece

When the topic of Greece comes to mind, one might automatically think “economic crisis” – but that is not the case with the largest, most crystalline island in all of Greece, Crete. The silver lining of the country’s economic downfall has made vacationing in Crete extremely attractive to tourists due to the low cost of food & leisurely activities. Crete takes great pride in producing high quality, fresh foods; Crete natives are known to live over 100 years, so it’s safe to assume the food has something to do with that (via Forbes). Fresh farming is not just a practice in Crete, it is a lifestyle. With all of this clear water/food talk, Crete is the place for all of those who are instagram crazed.



  1. Koh Tao, Thailand

Thailand definitely makes our list for summer traveling because of how beautiful and inexpensive it is to visit. Imagine staying in your own thai-style bamboo bungalow among the palm trees with cozy beer gardens – sounds pretty nice, right? Well that can soon be your reality – Koh Tao offers rooms with these features for as little as $12 a NIGHT (via Indietraveller). My weekly burrito (which probably isn’t helping my vacation bod) costs more than that! After you snooze on the beach, you can head over to the largest area for scuba diving in all of Asia! Safe to say it is definitely time to give Thailand a chance.



  1. Washington, DC

Not only is DC our nation’s capital, but it is also a city that can be recognizably inexpensive once looked into. While you might not be able to get as good a deal on a hotel in DC as you would with Thailand or Crete, you still can save money by the overall activities you will experience while staying in the district. For example, the Smithsonian’s in DC are historic, entertaining, artsy and, best of all, FREE. Offering 19 museums and galleries, you could spend an entire day visiting all of its locations (via USA Today). DC is also home to its well known reservoir, the Tidal Basin. Located between the Potomac river and Washington Channel, the basin is free of charge with a beautiful view of the National Mall. Get to DC as soon as possible to witness the perfect photo op for all of those IG dedicated photographers!



  1. Barbados

Last but not least, Barbados makes out top 5 list for summer travel, as it is yet another destination that holds a higher value for the US dollar. One of the most attractive factors about visiting Barbados during the summer months is its Summer Crop Festival held every year from June to August. Even during such a popular event, prices do not tend to skyrocket — it is still extremely affordable for tourists (via CNN). The festival is full of food, music and dance (every snapchatters dream). After the Crop Festival, tourists can explore Barbados’ Flower Forest, where Adults pay as low as $15 and children pay half. Being so versatile makes the island a destination no summer traveler can resist.


Whether you decide to travel domestically or internationally, there is no need to round up the coins lying underneath your couch cushion. Get online and start booking now! Your summer travels await!


(Featured image via West Jet Magazine)