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Top Spots To Hit For National Ice Cream Month


As if Summer wasn’t already enough of an excuse to increase our weekly ice cream intake, July butts in as “National Ice Cream Month”. Yup! The entire month of July is dedicated to a creamy, sweet and delicious friend we all know and love, ice cream! So we felt it was only necessary to gather a list of our favorite ice cream shops in the NJ/NYC area for the holiday. The chocolate-vanilla twist (see what we did there) to our list is that these spots are strictly locally owned, meaning you won’t find your typical “Ben and Jerry’s” or “Cold Stone Creamery” on this list. Considering it’s National Ice Cream month, you might as well go all out and try something new! Enjoy.


  1. Ice and Vice – New York, NY

This NYC favorite eliminates the traditional ice cream parlor feel that classic shops give — but in the best way possible. It’s hip, it’s urban, and it’s tasty. Small in size, but large in taste. Ice and Vice’s small batch production process allows for each flavor to be carefully thought out before being scooped. With ingredients varying across the board, from “Swedish Fish Fluff” to “Lemon Bread Crouton”, you can find a suiting flavor for just about anybody at Ice and Vice.


  1. Tipsy Scoop – New York, NY

As a kid, there was no better feeling than the sensation that jolted through our bodies when we first stepped inside our favorite ice cream shop. Although we inevitably grew out of those feelings, this NYC joint gives you the chance to feel that buzz again — literally! Serving individuals 21 years or older, Tipsy Scoop is a one of a kind liquor infused ice cream shop. Spiking flavors from Mint Chocolate Chip to Red Velvet Martini, you can combine your typical late night drink with your favorite childhood ice cream flavor. Talk about the best of both worlds!


  1. Davey’s – New York, NY

For the traditional sweet tooth, Davey’s is the place to be. Straying away from going above and beyond is most definitely not a downfall for this NYC sweet spot. Incorporating classic yet tasty ice cream flavors is what Davey’s Ice Cream is all about. Each batch made requires a four-day-long production process, so quality over quantity is definitely something this locally owned spot takes into account. What customers love most about Davey’s (besides its amazingly tasting ice cream) is its willingness to incorporate local eateries ingredients into its flavors. In the past, Davey’s has used Moishe’s Bake Shop’s chocolate babka and partnered with Jonah Miller’s Basque restaurant Huertas to create an almond flavored ice cream (via Davey’s). Being such a community-loving spot, Davey’s is a must-try for national ice cream month. 


  1. Milk Sugar Love – Jersey City, NJ

Organic alert! Located in Jersey City, Milk Sugar Love is one of a few organic ice cream shops in all of New Jersey. Made from completely organic milk and cream, the ice cream at MSL is guaranteed to be delicious. Owner and creator, Ms. Taylor, has invented flavors ranging from traditional Vanilla bean to Sour Cream Blueberry. And for all of the ice cream loving dog owners out there, MSL is the perfect spot for you! The joint offers homemade puppy frozen yogurt with tiny dog treat garnish! Yum. We highly suggest visiting Milk Sugar Love this month, because what could be better than eating ice cream with your favorite furry friend?! (via nytimes)


  1.  The Bent Spoon – Princeton, NJ

The Bent Spoon had to be our final pick for our list. This wizardry ice cream joint is different from the rest in one simple sense—seasonality. Customers eat at The Bent Spoon because it offers various flavors from season to season. This sounds simple, but in actuality, it’s genius. Typical customers don’t visit the joint to eat classic flavors, but rather they visit to eat flavors they are craving in the moment. With fall flavor “Sweet Potato” or summer flavor “Sweating Through Your Caramel Sombrero”, The Bent Spoon has specific flavors scattered throughout the four seasons. Offering gelato and donuts in addition to its wild ice creams, The Bent Spoon is a must-try for National Ice Cream Month (via New York Serious Eats)


New York or New Jersey — either state offers a number of delicious, one-of-a kind ice cream parlors for all. Gather friends, family (and even your dogs) and dig into these awesome shops. Happy National Ice Cream Month to all and happy eating 🙂


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