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The Top Three Free Tools to Create Social Media Posts


Last month’s blog post broke down a few platforms that are great tools to utilize for social media management. Since then Instagram and Facebook have drastically changed (especially from a marketer’s perspective) with the announcement of the new Instagram Graph API and Facebook’s announcement of changes to its news feed algorithm. While these changes to two of the most popularly used social media platforms have created new challenges for marketers and advertisers everywhere, one thing is apparent – social media marketing is not going anywhere.

Being able to produce eye-catching content (quickly, consistently, and all within brand) for various social media channels is a growing task for any marketing manager or marketing agency. Luckily with the continuous need for businesses to have a strong social media presence, there has been an advancement with easily accessible tools to create engaging social media posts online in just minutes – and the best part is a lot of them offer free plans! Here’s the lowdown on the top three social media creation tools we like to use here in the office:

1. Canva

Canva is a veteran when it comes to social media content creation tools. With over 5+ years in the marketing industry, Canva has won users over with its easy-to-navigate interface and awesome customizable features such as being able to upload fonts, all on the free version. Offering quick templates sized accordingly to the corresponding social media outlet, Canva also offers marketers guides for marketing collateral such as brochures and business cards. There is a decent amount of stock photography available for users to choose from as well as the option to always upload an image. An added bonus – Canva allows four different downloadable formats when exporting a newly designed project and does not add watermarks.

2. Crello

When users first land on Crello they are greeted with a modern, sleek feel. Much like Canva, Crello offers users the same quick templates that are already setup to the appropriate dimensions for the desired social media platform or marketing materials, such as an infographic. One way in which Crello differs with Canva is it offers the option to create animated posts and comes with a decent amount of stock templates to pick from – relatively speaking. The animated stock templates are truly impressive considering the $0 commitment plan; it’s an excellent platform for marketers who want fresh and current templates to choose from.

3. Visme 

Offering the same capabilities as both Canva and Crello in regards to social media post templates and marketing collateral, Visme stays competitive in the fact that it additionally offers the option to insert a video link from YouTube or Vimeo on the free version. The stock imagery available for photos and data widgets are incomparable – not to mention Visme also allows its users to add in audio to the project. The only catch is that Visme permits up to three projects to be made on the free plan… which could easily be used up by a content marketer in less than an hour. However, the projects on the dashboard can always be deleted so the three project limit is never maxed out.

There’s a quote we love to use that goes “In life you get what you pay for” – something that could not be truer comparing these social media creation tools. While we can admit we use a mixture of different platforms to create social media posts, it’s not to say that one is better than the other; it comes down to preference, needs, and which tool provides the best service for your agency. What free tools do you use to create eye-catching content on social media?