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What’s Happening With Amazon (In A Nutshell)


Amazon has come a long way with its tech savvy platform since launching back in 1994. While the international company began strictly as a website to purchase books, nowadays you can buy just about anything from a phone case to a hot tub – in just a few clicks! With its recent purchase of Whole Foods this past June, Amazon is breaking into the supermarket business; making the company one of the largest monopolies in America (The New York Times). If making way into food sales wasn’t enough, Amazon has also been busy improving its user’s shopping experience through advanced technology featuring an update for Amazon Prime holders and a completely automated store called Amazon Go.


While food shopping through Amazon may be a new feature, buying clothes online certainly is not. However, the  new Amazon Prime update makes it even more simple for users to pick out, try on, purchase, and return clothing with its new Outfit Compare app. Outfit Compare allows Amazon Prime members to pick out 15 articles of clothing to try on before purchasing and even comes with a prepaid label to return unwanted items. Seamless, right? The new feature is revolutionizing the online shopping experience by allowing users to easily shop and return clothes with a few simple steps.


Outfit Compare has made shopping for a new wardrobe easier than ever before and Amazon’s technological advancements don’t stop there. The next big thing Amazon is working on is Amazon Go – a store that will make all other transactions just as seamless as Outfit Compare. Amazon Go is a brick-and-mortar storefront that reflects the company’s vision of what technology can do for an updated shopping experience. In this tech savvy store, there will be no cashiers or checkout lines (what!) – only computer scanners and visual sensors that will be used to help shoppers. Monitors located throughout the store will keep watch on what goes into buyers’ carts so that when they have gathered everything needed, shoppers can simply walk out of the store and be charged on their Amazon account for the items in their cart. Though Amazon Go is currently only available to Amazon employees as it is still in it’s testing stages, the company is hoping to launch to the public sooner than later.


With the expansion Amazon has made into the supermarket business paired with the additions to the clothes shopping experience, the company stands to be the ultimate monopoly power the country has seen since the invention of the railroad (The New York Times). Keeps your eyes peeled for what Amazon has coming…


Image via VF Consulting